• http://www.earthcalculus.com/about/ Kaisa Taipale's project... (a) re 105e but not calc but if ever interested...(b) intergra from a to b where f(b)=2f(a) is.... (use find . iname....to find my typed (partial?) writeup..barz.org or hb.org) (c) create url with links to JPGS for the "overexp,loitation" article (d) indirectly refer to the Monbiot...and the "almost inversely roportional to how advanced" (I did say *almost*)...and cornell advisor...then grad text, then undergrad text, he himself commented on this.. (for env. and climate in particular, maybe partly a case of 'forest' versus the 'trees' or in more pedestrian terms, keeping eyes o teh prize namely o the big picture even as it's (sometimes) very useful to look more narrowly and/or using more advanced tools....... http://www.kaisataipale.net/projects.html and http://www.kaisataipale.net/whoami.html and http://www.earthcalculus.com/other-calc-resources/ and http://www.earthcalculus.com/solutions/ " This post is password protected. Enter the password to view any comments." and also http://www.limitinstitute.org/blog/ where KAISA is among the POSTERS..." (LIMIT) is a loose affiliation of mathematicians at all levels of training and employment. We are interested in how technology is changing how we carry out math research, teach math, and even understand what mathematics is." and kaisa's (draft?) book online here: https://leanpub.com/earthcalculusthebook
    she's even here: http://math.umn.edu/finmath/teachers/